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       Caribbean Weather


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Report of the Development of Tropical Storm Tomas as it approached Barbados

Tropical Cyclone Report Hurricane Tomas (AL212010) from the NHC

Sargassum Watch System (SaWS)


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Rockley, Barbados Weather Station 

(VantagePro2 from Davis Instruments processed by Ambient Weather software)


Barbados Current Weather Conditions

Barbados Current Weather Conditions Int'l.

Rockley Weather Station
Barbados Meteorological Office Web site

IntelliCast - Barbados Weather

Citizen Weather Observer Program


Barbados Satellite Images near

Real-Time GOES-16 HRIT Images 


Dartcom Processed right here in Rockley, Barbados


Barbados IR

Barbados VIS

Barbados WV

Barbados IR (Colour Enhanced)

Barbados IR (Colour Animated)

SoufričreVolcano VS02

SoufričreVolcano VS02 (Animated Loop)

SoufričreVolcano IR07

SoufričreVolcano IR07 (Animated Loop)

Eastern Caribbean & Atlantic IR07

Eastern Caribbean & Atlantic IR13

Eastern Caribbean & Atlantic IR14

Eastern Caribbean & Atlantic IR15

Eastern Caribbean & Atlantic IR - Mercator*

Eastern Caribbean & Atlantic IR - Merc/Loop

Eastern Caribbean & Atlantic VIS

Eastern Caribbean & Atlantic Upper WV08

Eastern Caribbean & Atlantic Mid WV09

Eastern Caribbean & Atlantic Mid WV Col/Merc*

Eastern Caribbean & Atlantic IR - Colour

Atlantic Caribbean & Gulf IR Colour(HURUS)

Atlantic Caribbean & Gulf IR Colour ^ animated

Gulf/Caribbean/Atlantic VIS

Gulf/Caribbean/Atlantic IR

Gulf/Caribbean/Atlantic IR Colour

Gulf/Caribbean/Atlantic IR Colour-Mercator*

Gulf/Caribbean/Atlantic IR Colour-Merc/Loop

Full North Hemisphere - VIS

Full North Hemisphere - IR

Full North Hemisphere - WV

Full North Hemisphere - IR Colour

East Tropical Atlantic/West Africa IR

Atlantic/East Pacific Full Disk IR (GOES-16/USA)

Africa/East Tropical Atlantic IR (Meteosat/EU)

Africa/Indian Ocean IR (Meteosat/EU)

West Pacific IR (Himawari/Japan)

East Pacific IR (GOES-18/USA)

* Re-Projected Images - Curvature correction


Barbados Weather areas of interest ...


Floater 1 VIS  VIS Image    VIS-Loop   

Floater 1 WV  WV Image    WV-Loop   

Floater 1 IR   IR Image    IR-Colour  Loop

Floater 2 VIS  VIS Image    VIS-Loop     

Floater 2 WV  WV Image    WV-Loop   

Floater 2 IR   IR Image    IR-Colour  Loop 

General Floater IR  IR Image IR Colour  Loop


Atlantic Weather & Sea Charts ...

USA/Full Atlantic Surface Analysis

West Atlantic Surface Analysis

Atlantic Wave Period & Direction


Other Data ...

Floating Buoy or Ships Reports

The Cloud Appreciation Society (Guide)

World Wind Map


Lightning Strikes showing Thunderstorm Activity & Weather near Barbados & Eastern Caribbean

(using Boltek Storm Tracker processed by Aninoquisi Lightning/2000 - L2K software)

Here is a Lightning Primer


Lightning Strikes around Barbados (L2K)


Lightning Strikes around Barbados (NexStorm)

Lightning Strikes around Barbados - Loop

Thunder Storm TracReport

StormVue GEN-3 Trial - Real-time Lightning


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Other Lightning Data:

Lightning Strikes around Trinidad
World Wide Lightning Location Network

Other Links ...


Storm/Hurricane Information

Tropical Weather Outlook

Tropical Weather Discussion

NHC Analysis Tools - NHC (Hovmöller etc)

Active Storms - Tracks/Images (Monterey)

NHC Tropical Prediction Center

NWS Tropical Discussion - International Desks

AMSU Tropical Cyclone Homepage

Tropical Atlantic - Air Reconnaissance

Tropical Cyclones - Advanced Dvorak Technique

Central Florida Hurricane Center

Current Tropical Cyclone Formation Prob. (%)

Currently Active Tropical Cyclones & Archive

Atlantic Sea Surface Temps (SST) Analysis



Other Weather Related Sources & Links

Doppler Radar  


   Trinidad & Tobago

   Martinique & Guadeloupe

   Caribbean Radar Mosiac

   Puerto Rico



   Cayman Islands






Upper Air Soundings (Weather Balloon)

University of Wyoming - Upper Air Data

US Naval Research Laboratory - Monterey

 - Latest Soundings from Barbados


More Satellite Images

GOES-East Imagery - Latest Full Disk Images

GOES-East Imagery - RAMMB Slider


Northeast South America -IR

AWC Atlantic Satellite

TPC Satellite Imagery List

Crown Weather Services

Saharan Air Layer (SAL) - Sahara Dust

MyFox Saharan Air Layer Forecast


CIMSS West Atlantic  Latest Steering Layers


Other Models & Surface Winds

Computer Models from FSU
Models from Tropical Tidbits
Models from Pivotal Weather
Models from Weather Nerds
Wind/Vort/Shear/Conv/Div Analysis
CPC Global Hazzards Latest Assessment
Madden-Julian Oscillation (MJO) Data
Kelvin Wave/CCKW Analysis VP 200
NCEP AVN 8-Day Weather Forecast
ECMWF Models - Catalogue
ASCAT Metop-A (Ocean Surface Winds)
ASCAT Metop-B (Ocean Surface Winds)

ASCAT Metop-C (Ocean Surface Winds)

OSCAT (OceanSAT-2 Winds)

WINDSAT/Coriolis Measurements

OSI SAF Wind Processing Centre


Historical Hurricane Info.

Tropical Tidbits Hurricane Archives

Barbados' Hurricane/Storm History

from HurricaneCity


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